Andrew McFarland


Andrew McFarland


Artist Statement

I have always strived to convey in my artwork the feeling of Wabi-Sabi, the idea of a single momentary experience that is forever fleeting and changing with time, whether said moment is a snubby spout pinched onto a teapot, the white highlights brought out of a mid-toned charcoal drawing or an oil painting landscape with thick choppy strokes. These moments, both with the idea of a subtle beauty in the unrefined and the acceptance of the ever moving march of time, bring out an overarching mindset to my pieces that I feel express myself within the works. Conveying the work’s feeling and looks into my own understanding of how I see and view the world, to express myself on a deeper level through emotion itself. My work stands to be looked at as a moment in time that while foggy at times builds the emotional connection to the soul and allows the moment to clarify, to bring the viewer not into the place and time of the subject but instead into the mindset and emotional feeling that is conveyed through the work.

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